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Nancy's Diner was founded by Bob and Nancy McCarrick in the Spring of 1984.  Both proud military veterans, they established a loyal customer base with their fresh cooked meals and down home recipes.

In 2005, after 20 successful years, they kept the business in the family by selling the diner to their daughter, Denise, a proud U.S. Navy veteran.  Denise decided to give the family restaurant a new look by incorporating a 1949 Silk City diner with an old fashioned soda shoppe design.

Nancy and Bob may have sold the business, but you will still see them here with Denise, cooking up your favorite homemade dishes, soups, and desserts.

-We are truly a family business-

In keeping with our values, we cook for our guests as we would our friends.  We only prepare your meals with the freshest ingredients.  Our dishes are made to order, we don't use heat lamps, and we take no shortcuts what-so-ever.  Not many restaurants stay true to this set of values today.  Most others choose to be fast by serving pre-made food and they elect to sacrifice quality.  Here we prepare your meals with care and that may take a little more time.  We ask for your patience, but if you happen to be in a hurry, please ask your server for the wait time before ordering.  Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

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